Programming with Data Fall 2021

Using R to do data analytics

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ACCT674 Programming with Data

Master of Professional Accounting (MPA)

Singapore Management University (SMU)

Aug to Nov, 2021

In this course students acquire foundational statistical programming concepts and skills through a widely-used programming language (R for this term). Students will also learn how to implement popular statistical learning algorithms using the programming language for data analysis. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to use programming techniques to explore how data is used to assess what drives financial performance and to forecast future financial scenarios. Students will understand how financial data and non-financial data interact to forecast events, detect financial discrepancies and frauds, predict corporate default, and determine business strategy. This course has been designed to equip students with algorithmic mind-set to create strategy and make better business decisions

Detailed Lesson Plan

Class sessions are of three-hour duration per session and ten sessions in total.

SessionSeminar PDF NotesSeminar Slides
1 IntroductionPDFSlides
2 R Programming (I)PDFSlides
3 R Programming (II)PDFSlides
4 Forecasting with Linear RegressionsPDFSlides
5 Regression Forecasts with SeasonalityPDFSlides
6 Forecasting Walmart SalesPDFSlides
7 Forecasting with Logistic RegressionPDFSlides
8 Logistic Regression for BankruptcyPDFSlides
9 Detection of Corporate FraudPDFSlides
Wang Jiwei
Wang Jiwei
Associate Professor

My current research/teaching interests include digital transformation and data analytics in accounting.